शोला हूँ, भड़कने की – Shola Hoon Bhadakne Ki – ഗസൽ – Ghazal (Jagjit Singh)

शोला हूँ, भड़कने की गुजारीश नहीं करता
सच मुँह से निकल जाता है, कोशिश नहीं करता

गिरती हुई दीवार का हमदर्द हूँ लेकिन
चढ़ते हुए सूरज की परस्तिश नहीं करता

माथे के पसीने की महक आये ना जिस से
वो खून मेरे जिस्म में गर्दिश नहीं करता

हमदर्दी-ए-एहबाब से डरता हूँ मुज़फ्फर
मैं जख्म तो रखता हूँ, नुमाईश नहीं करता


Flame is what I am, to blaze consent I seek not.
Truth pops out of the lips, to attempt it needs not.

Of falling wall a benevolent I am; but-
Of rising sun sycophant I am not.

If aroma of sweat of forehead is not emitted-
That blood to wander in my body dares not.

I fear the display of sympathy, says the poet “Muzzafar”-
I conceal my wounds, flaunt them I do not.

1. shola hooN bhadakne ki guzaarish nahin karta
sach muNh se nikal jaataa hai koshish nahin karta
[I am a flame, but I do not wish to present my actual nature
The truth comes out of my mouth, but I do not try to]
The very nature of a flame is to flare. Not doing so is against its
character. Warsi says that he does not wish to act his natural way, which is
the truth coming out from him, when he speaks. And he curbs himself from not
trying to speak, which is against his nature.

2. girtii hui deevaar ka hamdard hooN lekin
chadte huey sooraj ki parastish nahin kartaa
[I am a sympathizer of a wall that is falling, but
I am not a worshipper of the sun that is climbing]
This is replete with symbolisms! People who are not able to control their
lives, and emotions are termed to be falling down, while people who are
haughty and have a lot of pride and ego, are termed to be so high and mighty
like the sooraj/sun. The rest is easy to understand.

3. maathe ke paseene ki mehak aaye to dekheN
vo khoon mere jism meiN gardish nahin karta
[If the sweat on my forehead appears then I can see it
But the blood in my veins does not have any movement]
You will start to sweat only when you put in the effort, and your blood
moves with increased pace within the body. Warsi says that, in my body, the
blood does not move at all. So where can I see the sweat.

4. hamdardi-e-ehbaab se dartaa hooN ‘muzaffar’
maiN zaKHm to rakhtaa hooN numaaish nahin karta
[I am sacred of the sympathy shown by my friends, ‘muzaffar’
I have wounds(not physical) inside me, but I do not show it]
Some friends come to express sympathy, but they are not true and come only
to stoke old fires. It is better to keep the wounds hidden, then to open and
pour your heart to them.

Dictionary : guzaarish karna: to present or represent?;
parastish: worship, adoration, devotion;
eHbaab (or aHbaab): pl. of Habiib (other pl. form aHibba); friends, lovers, dear ones
numaa’ish: show, spectacle, display, exhibition; affected, ostentatious; specious; semblance

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